Google developing TV that changes shape, size: Report

According to reports, Google is developing a display comprised of smaller screens that plug together like Legos to form a single image. The Wall Street Journal reported that these modular pieces would allow the users to change the size and shape of the screen.

Lego, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, mini figures and various other parts.Generally Legos form part of the Children activity. Google is now trying to use this concept of Legos to build this shape changing TV.

Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct such objects as vehicles, buildings, and even working robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects.

If you’re sick of flat screen or curved TV screens, Google may be working on something you might be interested in. The company is reportedly building a modular TV screen that can be rearranged into different shapes and sizes, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Google is said to be developing a display comprised of smaller screens that plug together like Legos to form a single image. These modular pieces would allow you to change the size and shape of the screen, three people familiar with the matter reportedly told the Journal.

Google developing TV that changes shape, size:

The WSJ refers to the display size as “giant,” saying it could potentially fill a living room wall. The project is said to be at an early stage, and Google is reportedly still figuring out how to make the picture appear seamless when the modular parts fit together. The company is facing challenges in making the borders between each module disappear to create one continuous image.

This wouldn’t be the first time Google would be creating a modular product. The company is currently experimenting with modular phones that you can take apart and put back together like building blocks known as Project Ara.

Top Funny Google Gravity Tricks – Zero O Gravity

Google has lots of cool entertaining stuff for its users and Google gravity trick is one of them. However Google gravity trick has many names, some call it Google gravity, Google zero gravity, Google no gravity, Google 0 gravity and lots of them. The point is all of these names are for the same trick. So don’t be confused with the title variations.

What is Google Gravity Trick?

It’s simple. Just go by its name. All the elements on Google search page possess gravity and hence fall down to the bottom of the screen. Well, it’s not a rocket science. It’s just a Javascript that executes the effect. Some guys even use this trick to do pranks with their friends. If you are planning to do a prank with some “non-technical” person it’s the good thing to try.

Popular Google Gravity Tricks:

  • Google Gravity– In this trick the Google page breaks into feelings of peace and you can throw off any of the pieces.
  • Google Zero Gravity- In this trick, you can throw off any of the pieces. You feel as if you are in the zero Gravity region.
  • Google Gravity Poop- You can catch up a figure in this trick. Play with him as you like.
  • Google Gravity Underwater/ water- You can see an aquarium look in this effect.
  • Google Gravity Space- In this gravity trick, all the elements float across the Google Logo and screen.
  • Anti-Google Gravity- In this trick, there is no effect. The home page becomes fixed.
  • Google gravity Sphere – In this trick all the other parts of Google revolve around Google name in the home page.

Want to try these tricks on your own. You have got nothing to do with it. Just type the trick names in the google search dialog. and click on I am feeling lucky.

The alternate method is to Click on the first link you get after you search in the Google for your desired trick. For all the tricks the first link will be from

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg meets PM Narendra Modi

On his maiden trip to India, Facebook co-founder and one of the world’s youngest billionaires Mark Zuckerberg on Friday called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss digital expansion in the country.

Soon after the meeting, Narendra Modi tweeted, “It was wonderful meeting CEO Mark Zuckerberg. We discussed a wide range of issues.”

Zuckerberg, who arrived here on Thursday, met Modi on Friday evening but neither the Prime Minister’s Office nor Facebook disclosed details of the meeting. Earlier in the day, he had also met Telecom and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Zuckerberg is the third high profile CEO of a US-based firm, after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, to visit India in last few days.

On Thursday, while addressing media persons, Zuckerberg had said he wanted to discuss the role Facebook can play in connecting villages and understand Modi’s Digital India vision.

Mark Zuckerberg meets PM Narendra Modi:

“One of the things I am really excited about is that the PM has this whole Digital India initiative. We can’t create connectivity around the world just by ourselves, we are trying to work with operators, governments.”

“I am mostly interested in hearing and learning about how we can help. I believe there are certain things that Facebook can uniquely bring,” he had said.

Stressing on the importance of connectivity, Zuckerberg had said while India has about 243 million Internet users and have 100 million plus Facebook users, there are over a billion people in the country who do not have access to the net.

Facebook is working extensively in rural India to enhance connectivity. “  is an effort to bring basic Internet services to all”, added Zuckerberg.

The pilot project of Facebook has already helped to connect more than 3 million people with this program.  “If we can connect people over here, we can help bring this rich Indian culture to the world”,  said Zuckerberg.

Download Cinema Box for Windows PC & Windows 7, 8, 10

CinemaBox is an application that is developed for Android and iOS platform, where you can play or watch your favorite movies and videos. CinemaBox is also one of the best movies streaming app for watching the game of thrones season 7 episode 6 among the entire android entertaining app. The app is also supported for all platforms. So, Cinema box is a perfect solution for movie lovers.

CinemaBox app has lots of cool and fantastic features which provide users unlimited movies, videos and favorite TV series to watch the game of thrones is an American fantasy drama television series. Thus, today I am going to share you how to download CinemaBox for PC to watch the game of thrones 7 story leaked.  Filming for the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 is currently now in full swing as the show’s cast members are all being flown to different locations around the world. The latest leaks which include several set images reveal that the upcoming new season will apparently feature King’s Landing as one of the main locations for the upcoming conflict.

Due to these unlimited facilities, many of the people are crazy about this app. But before I go to downloading part let me show you some of the important features of CinemaBox.

Features of CinemaBox for PC:

The below given listed points are some of the important features of CinemaBox for PC.

  • It is very easy and simple to use or access.
  • It provides a subtitle with various languages.
  • Automatically it is all the latest content is updated daily, you don’t need to update daily.


  • Massive movies collection and thousands of videos with HD quality.
  • It also supports wifi and this is one of the best features of CinemaBox app.
  • Another one of the great features of CinemaBox app is the kid mode, which is secure for the children.
  • You can choose any source for superior streaming and with a reduction of buffering.
  • It also supports Chrome cast for playing on the big screen.

How to Download and Install CinemaBox for PC?

As CinemaBox app is not available officially for PC, here to download and install this app, you need to use Android emulator. And using this emulator you can download and install the CinemaBox app on your PC easily.

  • First of all, download the android emulator Bluestacks on your PC and install, which is free of cost.
  • Now, download the CinemaBox APK file onto your PC.
  • After that, open the downloaded CinemaBox file and click to install, as soon as you click automatically the file will be install.
  • Once the installation is completed then there will be an icon on your Pc home screen.
  • Finally, click the icon and watch your favorite movies, videos and TV series unlimited.

So, in this way you can easily download and install the CinemaBox app on your PC. This is perhaps one of the best apps for viewing movies and videos in the world at present. I would like to suggest you to surely go for it because it does serve the purpose very well.

OnePlus One breakup with Cyanogenmod Imminent

Recently Steve Kondik founder of Cyanogenmod hinted that CyanogenMod and OnePlus One will split in future. But it is happening much sooner than expected.

In an Interview Steve Kondik said that OnePlus One is a start up just like them and it seems that it’s not likely that long-visions of the two companies will converge. He revealed that OnePlus One will get Android Lollipop update this month though he cautioned, “No idea what the future holds beyond that.”

Kondik recently said that CyanogenMod stuck in middle of a fight between Micromax and OnePlus. Micromax called for a ban of OnePlus One Phones in India, Motion temporarily granted to the Indian Company. Just like OnePlus One Micromax , violated their exclusive license to the CyanogenMod OS.

OnePlus One breakup with CyanogenMod Imminent:

Micromax and OnePlus One bickering aside, this china based company is all set to release its own Android release for OnePlus One Phone. This reveals that break up with CyanogenMod happens sooner than expected.

OnePlus One develops two different ROMs, where one is for China. Oxygen OS is the ROM used in Global markets and H20S is used for China Markets.

In its official blog OnePlus One forum announced that OxygenOS is its own new OS and the OS will be free and open for customization, and free of bloat and unnecessary features.

Company will reveal more information about its new OS OxygenOS on February 12th 2015.

We should wait and see for many things like, it will replace CyanogenMod existing OnePlus Pone devices or not. Till now the key reason for OnePlus One popularity is CyanogenMod OS. Now we should see how the new OS will affect the brand popularity.

love and hip hop 7 tv series

Watch TV series Love and Hip Hop 7 Online for Free

Love & Hip Hop is a united states music media authorization that consists of different reality television series telecast on vh1. The shows document the how important relationships in a human life,  hip hop & R&B musicians residing in varying regions throughout the United States.

The original franchise version, love &hip hop; new york, launched on March 6, 2011. Its success resulted in spin-offs located in Atlanta and Hollywood.

Watch TV series Love and Hip Hop 7 all seasons only on popcorn time apk and download this app for free.

On August 8, 2016, VH1 and 345 Games officially announced the release of Love & Hip Hop: The Game, a mobile game for both android and iOS. It was released globally on September 22, 2016, demonstrate same success, and have resulted in differentiating of their own.

Watch TV series Love and Hip Hop 7 Online:

Love & Hip Hop had its origins as a pilot called Keeping Up With the Joneses, which centered around rapper Jim jones and was produced by Stefan Spring man and Toby Barraud.

When Vh1 brought producer mona Scott-young on board in 2006, its focus shifted to include Jim’s girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin and her all of the friends. The series was first mentioned in VH1’s programming development report in early 2010 as Diary of a Hip Hop Girlfriend.

On January 4, 2011, it was announced that Love & Hip Hop would debut on March 21, 2011, as an eight episode series. The first season was later expanded to nine episodes in order to include the first season reunion, which aired on May 16, 2011.

On May 25, 2011, the series was the restart for a second season, which premiered on November 14, 2011. It added two new features to the cast – Kimbella Vanderhee, mother of Juelz Santana’s son, and Yandy Smith, Jim jones’ manager.

The second season premiere came in with the highest rating in two years in VH1 history with 2.566 million viewers. Cast relations with the producers eventually soured and Lampkin and Jim Jones announced that they would be leaving the show to star in their own spin-off series Chrissy &mr.jones. The show was revamped in the third season with nearly a whole new cast.

YouTube APK 11.45.59 : Download latest Version

YouTube APK gets a new update so the latest version is 11.45.59. watching the videos is the best way to avoid your loneliness or bored. Well, to stream your lovable video, we have the YoutubeDownloader  for Android ie Tubemate . I hope that everyone knows about Youtube because it is so familiar. In this case, we will talk about some topics of it in the way to show the reason why you need to have it as one of the apps in your android smartphones! Well, Youtube video app is one of the huge and popular apps to stream the video. Inside the Youtube, you will search some awesome features there.

Here, with the Youtube, you will be able to browse the personal recommendation on the Home tab.The recommendation will show so many videos and when you want to watch it, you only need to click it. In another hand, now you will be simple when you want to share the video with your friends. Then, you also might find some videos, which can be played in offline also.

How to Download Videos From YouTube APK 11.45.59 :

youtube apk for android

Now, let us see some major details of Youtube app before you download it. Actually, this app will be available for every kind of android, iOS or windows type. Well, it means whatever kind of your android OS type; you will be able to enjoy this app called Tubemate apk.

Latest Version of Tubemate apk helps you to download youtube videos super fast. Now tubemate official app is available for android & iOS. Click Here to download from official website.

You also will have the parental instructions, especially when you want to recommend the site for your children. Well, by those explanations before, the Youtube for Android will be the best choice when you want to have the great app to stream the video. Here, it is important for you to keep the update of it to feel the latest development of the Tubemate apk ie YouTube 11.45.59 APK;

Improved Features of YouTube 11.45.59 APK for Android:

  • Stream personal recommendations on the Home tab
  • See the latest from your favourite channels on the Subscriptions
  • You can share your feeling about video through like, comment, and share
  • Upload and edit your own videos with filters and music – all inside the app
Marvel's 'Daredevil' TV Show watch online

Watch Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ TV Show Online – All Seasons

Since 2008, Marvel Studios has produced a name for itself as the company that excels in making huge, fun comic book-based adventures. Movies like Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy have captivated by being as funny and thrilling.

The latest series Daredevil doesn’t suit into this mold, however. Daytime chase scenes are replaced by dark alley muggings; superhero quips are replaced with the sound of blood splatter and crushed bone.

Tonally and aesthetically, the show is far darker and special than anything that Marvel has produced thus far– but in exploring a new color, Marvel has just got yet another corner of the comic book world to dominate.

Daredevil TV Shows on Movie box from Today:

Now watch Daredevil tv series online for free by using website. Movie box is latest android & iOS app to stream all movies, music concerts & TV shows free.

Marvel's 'Daredevil' TV Show watch online

In advance of Daredevil’s debut season release on Netflix next week – 13 episodes going to give live telecast on April 10th – I had the recent opportunity to take in the early five episodes of the series, and was blown away with what it had to give to both viewers and the broader spectrum of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Really more serial crime drama than superhero show, the Steven DeKnight-run program is a tour based on the darkest streets of Hell’s Kitchen tv series in New York, and the painful-yet-fascinating end of a blind lawyer who seeks justice by any means need with the power of exceptionally powerful senses.

Armed with a cadre of superb performances and tight arcs that constantly build on the compounding narrative, it’s intense, looks good, and feels surprisingly fresh.

Dark and hardcore as Daredevil can be at times, what prevents it from being overwhelming (even in a binge watch) is the utter beautiful lineup of charismatic and impressive characters – not to mention the performances making them shine.this are the main reasons about why people like Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’.

How to Attach a File in Hotmail Account

Email does not have to be only text. You can attach anything and send it along with your Windows Live Hotmail message. Word files, Excel files, spreadsheet documents, photos, zip files, you can send every single file on your computer to anybody with an email address. And doing that is simple in Hotmail.

How to Attach a File in Hotmail Account:

To attach a file along with your message, follow the instructions below:
1. Go to the Hotmail website: login.

2. Under the Insert button in the message toolbar.

3. Click Attachments. Locate the file to be attached and click it.

4. Hit Open or Choose.

5. The file will be uploaded shortly depending on your internet speed. Most email processors don’t accept files bigger than 5MB.

6. Click Send to deliver the message.

Now you have successfully sent the email with the attachment. Note that there is a size limit of the attachment that you can send.

In case you exceed the size limit, you can try to send the other attachment in a different email. Just follow the instructions given above and you are good to go.

Why Hotmail Is The Best Email Processor

Hotmail was one of the first Web-based email programs available to the World Wide Web. It is one of many available for free on the Internet, and competes with Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo, among others – a Web-based email system allows you to send and receive email messages from any computer, anywhere, as long as that computer is connected to the Internet. To get a Hotmail email address, you must first create a Hotmail account, which is free and takes only a few minutes.

First, Go to Then Click on the “Sign Up” button. Now, Create your desired Hotmail email address and enter it in the Hotmail Address field. Make up something that you, your friends and relatives can easily remember. Type in a password and retype the password in the confirmation field. Create a password that has personal meaning to you alone, but is easy for you to remember. For a more secure password, use a combination of numbers and upper- and lower-case letters. Now fill in an alternate email address so if you forget your Hotmail password, a representative can contact you with password reset information. You have got to type in your first and last name, the country in which you live, your zip code, your gender, and your birth date. Now do type the visual confirmation code, the unique characters you see next. This proves you are a real human being and not a computer program requesting an account. Remove the check from the option box to receive promotions via email if you do not wish to receive them. Lastly, read the Agreement and Privacy Statement and, if you agree, click on “I Accept.”