How to Attach a File in Hotmail Account

Email does not have to be only text. You can attach anything and send it along with your Windows Live Hotmail message. Word files, Excel files, spreadsheet documents, photos, zip files, you can send every single file on your computer to anybody with an email address. And doing that is simple in Hotmail.

How to Attach a File in Hotmail Account:

To attach a file along with your message, follow the instructions below:
1. Go to the Hotmail website: login.

2. Under the Insert button in the message toolbar.

3. Click Attachments. Locate the file to be attached and click it.

4. Hit Open or Choose.

5. The file will be uploaded shortly depending on your internet speed. Most email processors don’t accept files bigger than 5MB.

6. Click Send to deliver the message.

Now you have successfully sent the email with the attachment. Note that there is a size limit of the attachment that you can send.

In case you exceed the size limit, you can try to send the other attachment in a different email. Just follow the instructions given above and you are good to go.

Why Hotmail Is The Best Email Processor

Hotmail was one of the first Web-based email programs available to the World Wide Web. It is one of many available for free on the Internet, and competes with Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo, among others – a Web-based email system allows you to send and receive email messages from any computer, anywhere, as long as that computer is connected to the Internet. To get a Hotmail email address, you must first create a Hotmail account, which is free and takes only a few minutes.

First, Go to Then Click on the “Sign Up” button. Now, Create your desired Hotmail email address and enter it in the Hotmail Address field. Make up something that you, your friends and relatives can easily remember. Type in a password and retype the password in the confirmation field. Create a password that has personal meaning to you alone, but is easy for you to remember. For a more secure password, use a combination of numbers and upper- and lower-case letters. Now fill in an alternate email address so if you forget your Hotmail password, a representative can contact you with password reset information. You have got to type in your first and last name, the country in which you live, your zip code, your gender, and your birth date. Now do type the visual confirmation code, the unique characters you see next. This proves you are a real human being and not a computer program requesting an account. Remove the check from the option box to receive promotions via email if you do not wish to receive them. Lastly, read the Agreement and Privacy Statement and, if you agree, click on “I Accept.”

The different settings found in your Hotmail email account is interesting

Today you will learn the various aspects including how to customize the account by choosing a language, settings up an email signature, sort emails using filters, set up vacation replies (autoresponders), weed off junk and spam messages, set up mobile alerts and much more.

To open the Hotmail settings section, click on the Options link located right under the “sign out” link. The three basic settings in the drop down allow you to change interface language, Hotmail account theme (colors and associated images) and the reading pane position. However, there is a lot more hidden under the hood. Now, click on “More Options” to display the full Hotmail settings page. Now do you see the whole gamut of options available to you? Let us take a quick look at each.

Let is begin managing your account, view and edit your personal information – this takes you to the Windows Live page that allows you to modify account details like changing the Hotmail password, security question, upload picture or photo, etc. Now, send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts, Hotmail lets you send and receive emails from other accounts. This means you can save previous time by having emails from different accounts arrive at Hotmail.

You can also forward mail to another e-mail account. Emails from Hotmail can only be forwarded to other domains owned by Microsoft such as another address,, or a Windows Live Custom Domain. Furthermore, you do need to log in at least once in 120 days to keep your account active. In my opinion, forwarding settings and options are much better in Gmail from Google than Hotmail.

When you are away and on vacation, you can also send automated vacation replies. This is a more simple and nice feature that lets you send automated replies. To know more, please refer – automated email reply in Hotmail.

Now, Junk e-mail, Filters and reporting – the Hotmail automated Junk email filter works on a community effort and requires your help too. At times, spam or phishing scams might escape this filter and land in the inbox. If this happens, instead of quickly deleting the message, it is suggested that you mark the message as Junk which improves the automated filter. You can also configure the different settings of this filter and change its “strength”.

You can manage your Safe Senders, Safe Mailing and Blocked Senders lists through this link. Emails from Safe senders will never be sent to the “Junk” folder while those in the Blocked senders will always be deleted.

You may also customize your mail, select language, choose a language for the Hotmail interface. Also, Reading pane settings – you have to modify the reading pane settings and choose if you want to see it at all!

The Personal e-mail signature, do create a Hotmail email signature that’s appended at the bottom of emails you send from your account.

By default, all emails you send from your Hotmail account are automatically saved in the “Sent” folders. You can quickly change this so that outgoing email copies are no longer retained in your account.

Microsoft’s website have presented a guide on how to exchange your Hotmail

Be familiarized with the IMAP protocol which is unsupported with the old setup, they only support POP3. “The upgrade process supports email accounts using Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3), but not Instant Message Access Protocol (IMAP). A protocol is a standard set of formats and procedures that allow PCs to exchange information.”

Microsoft has adopted the implementation of EAS (Exchange Active Sync). While this is a good measure within the Office & Windows Mobile based environment, it does alienate the other mobile communities.
Right now, & just for information, it would appear that IMAP will be supported from a later date; this may be because IMAP will allow access to the message content via APIs.
You can be able to connect to an address using and, but this will only give access to the “” address and NOT any other addresses that you have buried inside the mailbox.
For your phone they say you can either download the Hotmail app from Google Play or follow these steps:

You can also get Hotmail on your Android phone (versions 2.1 and above) without the app. To do so, follow these steps: first, On your phone, tap Email and then tap Add account. Then, enter your full Hotmail address and password, and then tap Manual setup. When asked “What type of account is this?” tap Exchange. If your phone has a Domain field, leave it blank. If your phone has a Username field, enter your full Hotmail address. (If the field is already filled in, make sure the info matches your full Hotmail address). Enter your Hotmail password (it may already be filled in). Enter in the Server name field. (If the field is already filled in, make any necessary changes.) Make sure the Use secure connection (SSL) box is checked, and then tap Next. Choose your account options, and then tap Next. You might be asked to choose an account color and account name (you can use Hotmail for the account name). Tap Next to finish setup.

How do you delete your Hotmail email account

Experts strongly suggest that you seriously reconsider closing your account. Closing your account will not stop spam that looks like it came from the account; hackers often fake the “From:” address whether or not the account exists. Closing your account will not stop your contacts from “being bothered”; if they had even brief access to your contact list, the spammers have probably already made a copy. Closing your account is not guaranteed to cause emails sent to it to bounce back to the sender; bounce messages are optional, and many services choose not to send them, to reduce spam. Closing your account may not even be possible if it’s been hacked, and you don’t have access to it yourself. All that being said, if you still want to close it, I’ll walk you through the steps; it’s not really that hard.


First, you must be able to log in to your account to close it. If that were not the case, anyone could close the account. If you want to close your account because you think it has been hacked, or you can’t log in to close your account take the necessary steps that you need to try to take in order to regain access to the account. Try because once you’ve lost access to a hacked account, there is no guarantee that you can get it back. That’s one of the “costs” of using a free email account like Hotmail or

Even if you don’t want it back – you just want to close it so the hacker stops using it – the steps that you need to take to prove ownership are the same steps that would recover the account. Thus, if you can’t recover the account, you won’t be able to prove that you are authorized to close it.

First Log in to your account via Then, click your account name in the upper right. Click the Account settings item; this will transition you to your “Microsoft Account” account page. On that page, click on Manage advanced security.


Now, at this point, you may be asked to confirm that you are the rightful account owner, by entering a code that will be sent to your choice of an alternate email address or phone number. Once verified, you’ll be taken to the “Security Settings” page. Scroll down to the bottom of that page, and you’ll find the link that you’re looking for. This will take you to a page with information explaining what closing will do, and will likely ask you for your password again, to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the account.Then, click Next to begin the process.

Your or Hotmail account is your Microsoft account. When you close this account, you will lose all access to all services associated with it. Make certain that this is what you want to do before you do it.